Plans change. We understand.

Cancelling your ride:

Give us enough notice so that our drivers aren’t already committed, and there’s no fee.

Pick-Up Location

Cancel Time/Fee: There is no fee for Economy, Business, First Class and SUV rides that are canceled an hour or more before the pick-up time with no fee.
1 hour or less prior to pick-up time:
Full fare up to $75.
Cancel after pick-up time: Full Base Fare + Wait Time
Parking (inside pick up only).

A few notes:

  • Rides canceled and rescheduled for the same day after the time periods listed above will be assessed a $25 rescheduling fee but will not be penalized with the cancellation fees.
  • The Uncrabby Cabby utilizes SMS and voice calls to keep you informed before your pickup. Once your pick-up time has passed, we will make several attempts to contact you before cancelling your ride. Since your driver is already on-site, fees will be assessed for waiting.